MPH in Community and Population Health

Community Health sets out to teach learners about the different roles that society and psychology play in overall local health. Environmental factors, psychological influence, and society may have a dramatic effect on how communities respond to widespread illness and disease, which sets the stage for this course's instruction on how to manage such factors.

The online MPH in Community Health was introduced for students that are planning on pursuing careers in their own communities. Part of what this degree plan offers is training in community planning, public health administration, and plan evaluation. Schools that offer this program to students often integrate subject matter from the general public health domain, business, global health, and healthcare administration. The purpose of this integration is to introduce students to the various components that can arise when working with the general public in a community setting.
Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants

The online Master of Public Health (MPH) program from the Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University (MPH @ GW) prepares public health professionals to make a difference in communities around the world, helping students succeed in advancing the health of populations locally and globally. Complete your MPH in 12 months. GRE waivers available. Click here for admissions information.

UNC's Gillings School of Global Public Health, top-ranked on U.S. News' most recent list in 2015, offers an online Master of Public Health program, MPH @ UNC.
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Earn your CEPH Accredited MPH online at Purdue University, world-renowned for its accomplished faculty and research expertise. Whether you are moving into the field or expanding your knowledge, the program provides the science-based knowledge you’ll need to devise and implement solutions to public health challenges.
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What is the Online MPH in Community Health

Public health degree programs can encompass all aspects of health from individual to global. People that are interested in taking part in these degree programs can choose to pursue degree majors that focus on groups that interest them, such as Community Health. On the spectrum of public health degree programs, Community Health lies right in the middle of individual components and global concerns. If you are interested in having a farther reach with your expertise, but want to keep you practices local - this is a great degree program to consider.

Degree programs that offer the online MPH - Community Health usually have a 2 year curriculum that may include some individual research projects or independent learning activities.

Some universities that offer this program have expedited programs that can be completed in 1 to 1 1/2 years rather than the 2 year standard. Your flexibility and dedication is what can determine how much time you will spend in the program before graduating. Our team has researched some degree programs across the country and found some courses that are common within these programs. Take a look below.

  • Community Health Science
  • Field Studies in Public Health
  • Program Administration and Planning
  • Environmental Health
  • Health Services Organization
  • Epidemiology
Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants

The variability of the course work in this degree program contributes to how expanded you knowledge of Community Health can be after graduation. The courses above can help you to acknowledge the different components of this career path, as well as the different topics and responsibilities that are found within it. As you move forward into your degree program, you may find that the information you gain throughout can help you land careers in many related fields other than just healthcare or policy development.

Top 3 Online MPH Programs

  • Columbia Southern University: The online MPH - Community Health Education is an excellent program requires that students complete 36 credit hours for graduation. 24 credit hours are required for the major component and 12 credit hours are within the concentration. Most students within this program can complete it within 1 1/2 to 2 years total.
  • East Tennessee State University: ETSU current has an online MPH - Community Health program that can prepare students for a career working in the public domain. Main topics within this program include Epidemiology, Environmental Health, and Health Services. This program can take around 2 years to complete at full-time enrollment.
  • The University of Illinois: This university offers a completely online MPH - Community Health Sciences program to interested learners. This program requires 49-51 credit hours and can be completed in 2-3 years. Course work in this program focuses on the scientific aspects of illness and disease, as well as the techniques required to inform and direct the public to healthier lifestyles.

What You Can Do with an MPH in Community Health

The overall goal of Community Health experts is to provide a helping hand to the public when they are searching for better health and wellness. When you are in your degree program, you can learn more about how to provide assistance to the public, what services are available for them, and even how to improve or develop programs that are useful for people within your community. Below this section, you can find more fields that are welcoming to Community Health professionals that are ready and willing to work hard for the people around them.

  • Community Health Centers: Community health centers can provide a wealth of service to people throughout the community. Immunizations, health education, family planning, and nutrition advising are just a few things that community health centers can assist with throughout the community. If you choose to work in this field, you can work directly with people – providing advice and programs that can help them live happier and healthier lives.
  • Education: Health education is central to improving community health. If you have your heart set on a career in education, and have a profound interest in health and wellness, this could be a great place to call home. Professionals that provide health education to the public can work in school settings or through community health centers. The information that they can provide through education can help people make better decisions in terms of their personal health and future prosperity.
  • Occupational Health: One branch of community health deals directly with the working environments of citizens. People spend a large majority of their working hours at their career, which makes that environment important to their overall health. In this profession, you can analyze working environments to determine their current level of safety, make recommendations for change to business owners and corporate officials, and even plan and develop safety strategies for businesses that are requesting your expertise.
  • State and Local Government: All states provide assistance programs to the public, especially to those that are in lower income brackets or that are dealing with personal financial struggles. As a Community Health professional, you could possibly pursue a career working on the creation and implementation of public health assistance programs, determine eligibility of applicants for assistance programs, or even become a leader in this sector of Community Health.
  • Environmental Services: Lastly, environmental health is another component that can directly interfere with Community Health. In this field, you could be a part of environmental improvement teams, area analysis, or even work as a consultant for state agencies. Having knowledge of the environment and general public health rules and regulations can provide you with an opportunity to expand your skill set into this interesting and influential field.

Top Public Health Salaries / Careers for the MPH in Community Health

All CEPH Accredited Programs

See below for the list of MPH programs that are CEPH accredited.
Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants
American University of Beirut
  • MS in Population Health
Arcadia University
  • MPH in Community Health
Armstrong State University
  • MPH in Community Health Education
Baylor University
  • MPH in Community Health Education
California State University, Long Beach
  • MPH in Community Health Education
Case Western Reserve University
  • MPH in Population Health Research
CUNY School of Public Health
  • MPH in Community Health Education
  • MPH in Community-based PH & Health Equity
  • MPH in Community-based PH & Health Equity
Drexel University
  • MPH in Community Health & Prevention
East Stroudsburg University
  • MPH in Community Health Education
Eastern Kentucky University
  • MPH in Community Health Education
George Mason University
  • MPH in Community Health Promotion
Montclair State University
  • MPH in Community Health Education
New York University
  • MPH in Community and International Health
  • MPH in Community and International Health
Northwestern University
  • MPH in Community Health Research
Pennsylvania State University
  • MPH in Community & Behavioral Health
San Francisco State University
  • MPH in Community Health Education
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • MPH in Community Health Education
SUNY - Downstate Medical Center
  • MPH in Community Health Sciences
Touro University - California
  • MPH in Community Health
University at Buffalo - SUNY
  • MPH in Community Health and Health Behavior
  • MS in Community Health and Health Behavior
University of California, Los Angeles
  • MPH in Community Health Sciences
  • MS in Community Health Sciences
University of Maryland at Baltimore
  • MPH in Community & Population Health
University of New Mexico
  • MPH in Community Health
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • MPH in Community Health Practice
University of North Carolina, Greensboro
  • MPH in Community Health Education
University of Tennessee
  • MPH in Community Health Education
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
  • MPH in Community Health Practice
University of Washington
  • MPH in Community-Oriented Public Health Practice
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
  • MPH in Community Health Education
West Chester University
  • MPH in Community Health
Wright State University
  • MPH in Population Health