MPH in Behavioral Health and Sciences

Public health as a discipline takes into consideration many different facets of human life. From an outside standpoint, you can observe how people behave in a social setting and how these behaviors can have an effect on their overall health.

The Master of Public Health – Behavior Health Science degree program is a fascinating degree program that focuses strictly on the behavior of people to determine proper methods of public health awareness and overall health improvement.

Featured Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants

The online Master of Public Health (MPH) program from the Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University (MPH @ GW) prepares public health professionals to make a difference in communities around the world, helping students succeed in advancing the health of populations locally and globally. Complete your MPH in 12 months. GRE waivers available. Click here for admissions information.

UNC’s Gillings School of Global Public Health, top-ranked on U.S. News’ most recent list in 2015, offers an online Master of Public Health program, MPH @ UNC
Click for admissions information from

Simmons’ online Master of Public Health programMPH @ Simmons, is designed to give you the real-world skills you need to address health inequity on a local, national, and global scale. You’ll learn core public health methodology, leadership, and advocacy skills needed to improve population health equity. No GRE required.


What is the Online MPH in Behavior Health Sciences

Some of the goals of MPH – Behavior Health Sciences programs is to help students identify different behaviors that can play a role in individual health. Through training in both public health and psychology, students can learn how to communicate effectively with the public, identify actions and behaviors that may be affecting a person’s health, and provide plans for change or improvement over the course of their career.

In different areas of the country, people are faced with different socioeconomic factors, cultural norms, and biological determinants that influence their behavior. Some programs that may be effective in one area of the country may not be an effective solution for another area with different values. Part of the curriculum in this online program is to introduce students to the differences that are present within society, and help them find ways to accommodate the needs of diverse groups of people in terms of public health.

Featured Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants 

George Washington University – Online Master of Public Health (MPH) (CEPH Accredited)
University of North Carolina – Online MPH ( Accredited)
Simmons University – Online MPH (Accredited)


What to Expect as a Student

While in degree programs that provide education into Behavior Health Sciences, students can expect to take courses that dive deep into the human mind and its properties. In order to get a good grasp on why people behave in certain ways, students must understand how biology and experience can play a role in the development of personality, impulse control, and resilience. Each of these factors can influence a person’s behavior either negatively or positively.

This degree program is a great option for individuals that have an interest in fields such as Psychology and Sociology, as well as the field of Public Health. If you feel like you could be a part of this interesting field, this could be the degree program for you. Our team of educational experts has put together this guide to help you learn more about this degree program and what it can provide for you if you choose to complete it.

Top 3 Online MPH Programs

  • The University of Florida: This university offers on online MPH – Social and Behavioral Sciences through their innovative online platform. This program requires students to complete 15 credits within the five core areas, 15-21 credits in the Social and Behavioral core, and 12 credits in electives. Students may also be required to take part in an internship and seminar as part of their graduation requirements.
  • Temple University: Temple University has a current online MPH – Social and Behavioral Sciences that is offered to students interested in this major. The program entirely consists of 45 credit hours, which includes core components, electives, and field work experience. The entire program can be completed in around 2 years for most students.
  • Kent State: The online MPH – Social and Behavior Sciences at Kent State requires students to complete 46 credit hours for completion. Students at this university can take advantage of 7 week courses, as well as an advanced practicum that can help sharpen their skills within the field of public health.

What You Can Do with an MPH in Behavior Health Sciences

After you have obtained your MPH in Behavior Health Sciences, you can have the option to pursue careers in many diverse fields. Human behavior is a major component in determining if public health policies will be utilized or even effective in the public domain. Since people are a part of every aspect of society, having expertise in this field could place you in many different settings.

Your responsibilities within your field can range from developing helpful programs to assist with increasing mental health awareness within the community to working directly with members of the public to increase their own quality of life. Behavior health specialists can begin working with individuals in an effort to learn more about how behavior can take a toll on the overall health of the environment. Take a look at some of the potential areas of employment for this degree program below.

  • Community Health Centers
  • Schools
  • Health Departments
  • Research
  • Policy Development/Review
  • Mental Health
  • Corrections

As you can see from the list above, there are many employment settings that are based around community health care and policy research. Behavior Health Sciences as a specialty can provide you with additional knowledge in the field of health, which can set you on track for specialized positions in the field. As a public health professional, your goal may be to raise awareness about public health and safety within your community, and help people find resources for improving their own personal health.

Top Public Health Salaries / Careers for the MPH in Behavior Health Sciences

Although you may have a diverse platform to exercise your expertise in the field of Behavior Health Sciences, there are career fields that are more popular than others for new graduates. As you can see below, some of the most popular career choices for people with the MPH – Behavior Health Sciences are in fields that deal directly with individuals that have mental illness, psychological impairments, or those that have made poor life decisions.

As a professional, you may find that you are more drawn to different groups, depending on your interests. Since Behavior Health Science is a huge part of public health, you can become a vital piece of the public health team with the knowledge gained in these educational programs. Our team has provided a short list of popular fields and their salaries below for you to read.

All CEPH Accredited Programs

See below for the list of MPH programs that are CEPH accredited.

Featured Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants

CEPH Council on Education for Public Health



  • MPH in Behavioral & Social Health Sciences
  • ScM in Behavioral & Social Health Sciences



  • MPH in Behavioral Health Promotion & Education



  • MPH in Behavioral & Community Health Sciences



  • MPH in Behavioral and Social Science



  • MPH in Behavioral Science & Health Communication



  • MPH in Behavioral & Community Health